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The Movie - King Tung: Bustin' the Royal Heinies

Not bad - King Tung: Bustin' the Royal Heinies movie

Movie Issued - in 1990.


Countries: USA
Genres: Adult
Languages: English

In movie played:

Aja (actress)
Name is pronounced with a soft J sound ("Asia"), Owner/Producer of "Pleasure Dome Productions" -- an adult video production company., Adult film actress., Measurements: 35-23-34 (1992), While trying to come up with a professional name, she saw the name "Aja" on the cover of a 'Steely Dan' (qv) album, liked it, and used it.
Pictorials: "X-Rated Stars in Action! (Erotic X-Film Guide Spotlights)" (USA), October 1991, pg. 36-37, "X-Rated Stars in Action! Nina Hartley, Victoria Paris, Aja & Tianna: Multi-muff melee!", "The XXX Movies (Erotic X-Film Guide Highlights)" (USA), June 1990, pg. 8-15, "Aja in the Afternoon"
Although Florida-born Aja personal a squat (four-year) undertaking inside grown films, it be a haunting one. She beside the inimitable meaning made 80 cinema in those four years, but she was a big shot almost from the genesis of her career. Generally regard through technique of one of the diary readily dazzling women to have enter the body, her aesthetic and her infatuation of falling somersaulting into her labour help her become a highest underling favorite and earn her award from of postponed in the lay down of all industry magazine and import organization in that was. She nearly new her eminence as an adult-film artist to enhance her career as a stripper, and after she retire in 1992 she exhaustive distinctively by her dance, and say that she have no campaign whatsoever in the making chuck finances on to the porn business.
Height: 5' 6"
Birth Notes: Tampa, Florida, USA
Magazine Covers: "Hustler Erotic Video Guide" (USA), February 1989, Vol. 4, Iss. 1
Birth Name: Holder, Barbara
Spouse: 'John Derringer' (qv) (? - ?) (divorced); 2 children
Birth Date: 14 July 1963

Bobby Hollander (director)
Spouse: 'Gloria Leonard' (qv) (? - 1990) (divorced)
Death Notes: Los Angeles, California, USA (brain tumor)
Quotes: "Today the talent be all blondes, near programmed tits, and they all wear duplicate shoes - plastic pump. They wear the same spandex dress. They singular the same tattoos. They have the same pussy clip. There's no inspiration.", [On 'Adult Cinema Review'] "It was the first X-rated newsstand film magazine which started in the early '70s as Cinema X magazine. 'Vanessa del Rio' (qv) was on the first cover. I think I gave Del Rio her name. She was a cocktail waitress in downtown New York. She's one of a kind. Happy go lucky, wouldn't hurt a fly. There's no one who looks like her, performs sex like her, or talks like her.", [Of his lung cancer] "It kicked the shit out of me. I never felt my age, which I am not telling you. I look young. You can see that I'm still smoking. I'm a fucking moron. When I came out of the hospital, I stopped for six months. As soon as I went back to work, I started smoking again. I had a check-up yesterday and the doctor told me that if I could stop smoking, I could become a ballet dancer. I recommend to anybody to try to stop smoking.", [On his cocaine habit] "I did my share of drugs. I went through two houses [Toluca Lake and North Hollywood] in California. I had a penthouse in Manhattan. We used to shoot there and party there. I thank God that I am still alive.", "I got in the business for the girls, the money, the people.... It was never a 9-5 job.... It was another form of show business. And it was underground. There was no shooting on location. You had to shoot quietly. You had to sneak equipment in [to the building]. It was costly if you got busted."
Trademarks: Swaggering, mafiosi-look with open neck shirts and gold chains
Birth Name: Sacks, Ira Allen
Adult film maker., In 1994, a 13-centimeter (five-inch) cancerous tumor was discovered in his left lung. He was a cigarette smoker whose father had died of lung cancer and whose mother had died of emphysema; surgeons removed the entire lung. He quit smoking but within six months of the surgery had begun smoking again. He died of cancer in 2002., Founded and published 'Adult Cinema Review,' one of the first pornographic publications to be sold on newsstands, as 'Cinema X' magazine in the early 1970s., Regarded his 35mm Arrow theatrical film production _N.Y. Babes (1979)_ (qv), a tale about two competing softball teams starring 'Vanessa del Rio' (qv) and 'Gloria Leonard' (qv), as his best film. It used 100 extras., Produced two cable TV shows in New York City in the 1970s: _"Midnight Blue" (1974)_ (qv) with 'Al Goldstein' (qv) and _"The Robin Byrd Show" (1977)_ (qv). His wife, 'Gloria Leonard' (qv), also had a cable show called "The Stroke At Midnight."., He entered the pornography industry in 1970, making loops. He met his future wife 'Gloria Leonard' (qv) on a 'Cheri' magazine shoot, with the theme of a "Best Blowjob" contest. He shot the video while she did the makeup. Hollander was her third husband.
Death Date: 7 March 2002
Birth Date: 20 April 19??


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